Since its mythical discovery by the Emperor Shen Nong circa 2700 BCE, the tradition of drinking tea has spread throughout the world as food, medicine, tonic, and finally, a beverage. Tea will warm you up if you are cold, cool you down if you are hot, cheer you up if you are depressed, and soothe your mind if you are agitated.



Luv Tea was founded in 2015 by two friends who met in New York City, Jaesy Wang and Wan Di, as a small roaster and importer of premium teas.

Tired of the low quality of teas, high amounts of sugar and sweeteners, food colorings, and preservatives commonly found in tea shops, the two decided to drastically improve the overall quality of teas in the United States, starting with New York City.

What began as a cramped office in Midtown Manhattan is now a relaxing showroom in the West Village, featuring the most innovative tea blends and the some of best oolong teas in the world.

Jaesy Wang
Tea Master / Founder

Tea master, pianist, hamster-lover, and proud mother of two, Jaesy is the brains behind Luv Tea. All the recipes are designed by Jaesy,
and her family’s tea farms in the foggy high mountains of Taiwan are the source of some of the best teas in the entire world.


Wan is often found brewing the various recipes created by Jaesy, and performing tea ceremonies of his favorite Long Jing tea in the shop.
Ask him about his true passion – ancient greek philosophy.

Suprina Berenyi
Nutritionist Chef

Chef Suprina is one of the best nutritionists in the world,
with some of the most highly recognized clients in both the financial and entertainment worlds. She makes sure that all of our products are high in nutritional value, and also tastes amazing!

Tsewang Gyurme

Visiting from 5000m up in the Himalayans, Doctor Tsewang is an 11th generation doctor who specializes in ancient healing arts. He brings his knowledge to Luv Tea to enhance our current recipes.
Check out some of his own concoctions in the store!